Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hosts with the mosts and food poisoning

Yesterday we hosted a thank you dinner for VCCI and our interpreters. As is customary in these situations we had sent an official invitation to the Director of VCCI at the end of last week, and weren’t certain how many people would attend. In Vietnam, it is not unusual for people to turn up to an event that they have not necessarily been invited to. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen at the wedding as we’ve already submitted the final numbers to the venue! ;-) We’ve experienced plenty of examples of this ourselves, where we’ve been invited to attend an event by a friend of a friend of a friend, and last night was our turn to demonstrate our thanks for the hospitality we have been shown during our stay in Vietnam.

It seemed to be going well, until about half way through the meal, I suddenly didn’t feel so great. I’ll spare you the details, but it seems I’m suffering from a little bit of food poisoning. You’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t embarrass myself or the team and managed to remain relatively composed throughout the remainder of the meal and the photos (!), despite turning a progressive shade of green. It must be payback for all the food I’ve been troughing recently! My Vietnamese phrase of the day is an important one in these sorts of situations toy naw lamb, meaning I am full. As a result I’m spending today confined to the air conditioned (important when it’s 100% humidity and you’re not feeling very well) hotel armed with rehydration powder and bottles of water. I can’t believe this has happened on the second last day of my assignment. Hopefully, whatever I have will have passed by tomorrow so that I can enjoy my last day with the client.

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