Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cabin Fever

Its spring at the moment in Vietnam which is muà xuân (sounds like moo-a son) and as a few of us have been suffering from a bit of cabin fever today we decided to do some springing of a different variety. Our hotel is on the outskirts of Hai Phong and not in an area you would necessarily want to go wandering around at night, so the routine of being either at the hotel or on client site was starting to take its toll. This is the unglamorous side of consulting and so we decided to go burn off some energy and have a giggle by playing the keepy-uppy shuttlecock game we had been introduced to on Sunday. Armed with something similar to a shuttlecock we made our way to the floodlit car park of the hotel, where we were joined by the bell boy, to attempt to emulate the teams we had seen playing in the park at the weekend. It was a lot of fun and we soon attracted an audience (the security guard and restaurant staff). I suspect it wasn’t because of our skill, finesse or grace as we struggled to keep it going for bôń (4) kicks between us. People joke about hand eye coordination, for this game you need feet eye coordination, which is something we were all severely lacking as we tried to do ballerina leaps across the car park. We quickly became aware that most of us have a warped perception of the length of our legs – mine, unfortunately, are not 6 feet long as my brain seems to think they are ;-) With feet covered in bruises, we returned to our rooms, refreshed and ready to get on with some prep work for tomorrow's session with the client.

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